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Introduction to Travel Agents

The travel industry is big business in the UK and travel agents make up an important part of the industry. As well as being able to access details about hundreds of package holidays, flights, accommodations and excursions, travel agents have the expert knowledge to put all of this information into plain English to help their customers find and book a holiday to suit them.

There are many different types of travel agents, including holiday travel agents, such as Going Places and First Choice, which help customers choose and book their summer family holiday, group ski break or city sightseeing tour. But other specialist travel agents are also available, such as business travel agents, which help businesses and businesspeople plan and book their conference, flights and foreign business travel, and location specialists, who will offer expert advice, great deals and a reliable booking service for certain locations in the world, including Australia travel agents, Caribbean travel agents and India travel agents.

In addition to all this there are independent travel agents, such as Trailfinders and Co-op Travel, and many of these specialise in certain types of holidays, such as booking round the world trips for students heading off on a gap year, and travel agents who only book cruises or UK breaks.

Travel agents are trained to give advice on destinations worldwide and make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodation, car rental and sightseeing tours, as well as organising travel insurance or your holiday and advising you on customs regulations, required papers, such as passports and visas, and currency exchange rates.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of online travel agents, but online travel agents sometimes struggle to compete with airlines and hotels which have also taken a more direct approach to winning customers by using the Internet and no longer rely on the travel agent to fill their aeroplanes and hotels. However, you will still find that whether you use a high street travel agent or an online travel agent, they will have expert knowledge on booking holidays and will be able to organise the entire holiday package at once, without you having to speak to airlines, hotels, tourism companies, car rental firms, etc, personally.

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